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Gel Wax Candle © 2023-24 Aroma Therapy by K. All Rights Reserved.

Ku'u Hawaii Ocean Candle is individually designed and poured by hand making each ocean candle genuinely one-of-a-kind and unique. 

Enjoy high-quality healing aromas with beautiful seashells and sparkling light therapy as well.


You can bring a little Hawaii into any room of your home and imagine yourself on the beach. This beautiful candle will provide a refreshing and relaxing treatment for you and your entire family, no matter where you light it. It is also a beautiful home decor piece if you choose not to light it.


These handcrafted candles are made with real shells and high-density gel. There are little sparkles that will dance around as the top layer of gel turns to liquid. 


Made with Top Grade Aromas that are known for their safe and natural effects on the body and mind, It will glow beautifully when you light this Hawaiian candle. It would also make a great gift for any housewarming gift, wedding present, birthday present, or any gift-giving event for the person in your life who loves candles. 




*Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, slight variations in size, color, and design are to be expected.


** Caution: Always trim the wick down to 1/8 before burning, and do not burn passed 90% of the gel wax to prevent overheating and the glass jar from breaking.


So what is Gel Wax?

Gel wax is a transparent, rubbery compound composed of mineral oil and polymer resin. 



3.4oz Mini Paradise Candle

$25.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
  • 3.4 oz Paradise Candle with top grade "Sweet Ocean" aroma.

    Burning time: 20~40 hours

    Scent: Sweet Ocean Aroma - Top Grade

    Color: Blue (Custom Colors are available for order of 10 or more)

    The little sparkles dance around as the top layer of the gel turns liquidy. It's so adorable!!

    Enjoy high-quality healing aromas and sparkling light therapy as well.

    Refresh and relaxing treatment for yourself and your family with "Top Grade Aroma Oil Candle"

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