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  • For Oily / Sensitive Skin
  • CP (Cold Process) Soap
  • Weight 85~95g 
  • Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Water, Vitamin E, Franch Green Clay Powder, Korean Chacoal Powder, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (3%): Lavender, Patchuli, Frankinsence, Camomile Roman

Pore-Tightning Soap

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  • CP (Cold Process) soap has to be used 4~6 weeks after it's made. The longer you wait, the smoother it gets like wine!

    Enjoy the luxurious aroma from it's 100% pure thrapeutic grade essential oils and silky nourishment of high quality ingredients from nature.

    For longer use, keep soap well drained after each use and avoid direct shower spray as it does not contain artificial hardening chemicals.

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